Sunday, May 22, 2011


We came back from the in-laws today (full story of the adventure here ... What a rainy weekend!

I don't know how much we got at their place, but when we came back we had 2inches in the rain gauge and we got another 1/4 inch in a single cloud-burst after we got home ... we've had at least one more storm go over head since the sun went down (thunder boomers and all, but it's been raining on &off too) so there may be more than that even.

Of course the local Weather Bug location says it only got 1/5th an inch ... I'm thinking they need to double check their equipment ... Hee hee.

But the moist weather has done some wonderful stuff in the green house ...

We've had to remove the lid from the plants and the salad table because the plants have grown so tall!
Salad table ready for harvesting Ginger's Farm Photos

Carrots - tray "A" Ginger's Farm Photos
hubby wants me to wait until after the carrots start to shoulder before picking them so we can have "baby carrots" ... But I'm afraid if I don't thin them out now, they will all die from over-crowding.

Carrot tray "B" Ginger's Farm Photos
Also ready for thinning out, and I'm thinking I would plant the Nantes carrots down the cener, but looking at them now, I think it might be too much for the pot to handle.

Swiss Chard & Collards Ginger's Farm Photos
Another one ready for picking ... I'm thinking it will help to thicken up the stalks as well. The leaves should be so tender that I will probable be able to put them right into a salad without the need for cooking. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Tomatoes &Peppers Ginger's Farm Photos
Now if only I could remember which is which ... Hubby can't remember if he turned this tray or not when we first did the others.

Squash Tray "A", right side out againGinger's Farm Photos
Had to turn these back around so that I could get a shot of the newest "arrivals" who popped thru this weekend.

Squash Tray "B" Ginger's Farm Photos
Turned these around so the bigger, surviving plants could get more light ... But their stems are thick and healthy ... Remember that these are the ones that I switched clear lids on and half of them died?

Squash Tray "C", first side forward Ginger's Farm Photos
Isn't that just the cutesy little plant you ever did see? I had really given up hope of it sprouting after all this time, but there it is.

Squash Tray "D" Pumpkins, front forward again Ginger's Farm Photos
A little disappointed - you see with the way the other trays had popped their last few seeds I thought for sure that the little budlings that sprouted a couple weeks ago would come up, but they just didn't go like the others ... I'm thinking that they are probably gone. No hope for them ... Poor little guys.

I'm so excited!

Hubby says I can plant the squash down on the long field after the next plowing, but he wants to plant a couple of rows of corn there too. I've even gotten "permission" to use my plastic mulch down there to help with the weed control ... Now my only 2issues will be watering and keeping the plastic in place.

M thinking of planting the pumpkin on the side if the hill where the burdock seems to grow so well .. But then the problem is ... The burdock blooms so well there. I'm afraid that trying to kill the burdock will also harm the pumpkin. If you know burdock - it is very stubborn.

Maybe I should plant them down in the long garden as well ... But then the upside of putting them on the hill is that the dog can help keep the chipmunks and deer scared away from them ... The deer know she can't get to then down there ... As evidence by the peas and beans which were eaten practically gone last year.

They walked down the rows and chewed off the tops just as they were setting their flowers like it was their own personal smorgasbord! And the last time I grew pumpkin over by the green house, they took big bites out of the fruit that grew before I could get to it ... But then the dog was on a tie-out otherwise he would have been all over them.

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