Thursday, September 24, 2015

Deeer Santa

Please bring me the head of the POACHER who is setting up on our land!

Yup - we've got a pacher ....

we are right next to a swamp, and we've got a corn field/garden, and we're pretty well located close enough to get to easily but far enugh away where the cops have a tough time getting to us unless called ... part ^ parcel of living country style.

we've opened our land to the POLICE force and ONE local BOW hunter to help cut down on the deer population .... these guys we know, they are good guys .... joke every year is we get the first one they take down - we haven't gotten any deer yet though.

although Jim (the local guy) has given us some f his kill from previous years as a thank you for letting him hunt.  very nice especially when he probably didn;t get a dang thing out there.

but poachers -- they piss me off!

at least stop by the house and let me know ... at least play by the rules

you dont set u a trail camera * a pole of BAIT corn to hold the deer in place!

thats what is RUINING the sport of hunting and 
, even worse, the action of THINNING A HERD!

It is ILLEGAL to hunt baited deer in MN ....

and <strikethrough> if yu want your TRAIL CAM back .... its at the POLICE STATION

the officer CONFISCATED IT right then & there!

Not my doing, don't blame me ...


I wonder if thats why i sometimes don't have chicken eggs ... I'm betting you're poaching them too :-(