Monday, May 2, 2011

Green Green White

Well before we went up to put in the docks (yeah like Mother Nature was going to let that one happen) we found that there was a bit of greenery happening in the green house ... But only in the salad table so we gave everything with a seed in it a deep drink and headed out ...

And came back to find this: (now this was only 2 1/2days mind you)
The biggest difference was in the salad table
From Ginger's Farm Photos
We have two different salad mixes but they looked just what we like to eat

My kids have come to love greens ... Well cooked greens, jus so long as I don't mention that there might be cooked spinach in there, they will eat it all gone! The oldest says it's a desecration of bacon to crumble it in greens - so used just steam & butter and they love 'em.
From Ginger's Farm Photos
Last year I bought some Swiss chard seed but never got around to planting it, but the seed packet said the seeds were good for 3 years and it looks like they are growing well even in this cold weather ... But the bigger plants are Collards ... Oh how my kids love collards! I was going to do up some beets too ... One variety for the tops & bottoms, and another just for the tops (they really like beet greens, but turnips are their favorites)
The collards will make huge plants and I'm not sure how big the swiss chard will be, but they will be multi-colored, neon colored ... I had some chard at a dinner party, I think the kids will like it.

And carrots ... If I get a decent crop (and it looks like I might) I can freeze what we don't eat ... I've been thinking of putting a line of nantes carrots down the center, between the Two different varieties I have planted in each carrot pot.
From Ginger's Farm Photos
These will be my reds and my whites ... Can't wait to see if they taste differently

These are my purples and I don't remember what color the other becomes, I think its a red with orange center
From Ginger's Farm Photos
It's been so cold that as you can see I've only gotten one sprout so far

Now here is the one that was amazing ... Not sure if I should leave the lids on to keep the plants warm or take them off so they can have some growing space... SQUASH

Here are my Stick-O-Butter summer squash and my Queen Anne acorn squash ... Oh they are growing like a charm!
From Ginger's Farm Photos
They are coming very nicely the stems are nice and thick too

How wonderful these have come in ... Hubby planted before I could instruct in how to do it to make my charting easier ... He's been on a farm most of his life and somehow manages to just plop in the seeds and he remembers ... It didn't really get into gardening until I married him so I need quite a bit of organization ... Ok a lot ... To remember which is which
From Ginger's Farm Photos
All summer squash .. It has some yellow summer straights, and quite a bit of zucchini (my SIL likes to make bread, I love it in noodle salads), and a Patty Pan - I've never had one but the UFO look of it made it quite interesting!

My winter squash isn't fairings so well though ... I hope I get a bunch, I love me some pureed squash with butter, salt &pepper.
From Ginger's Farm Photos
That one popping up is one of my Early Hybrid Butternuts ... Thought there'd be more of them by now though ... The next tray is even worse ...

I really expected more from the pumpkins, but it's just TOO cold for the seeds to sprout ...
From Ginger's Farm Photos
Here you see the single Howden that has popped thru ...
I had hoped to be able to plant them on the bared hill next to the green house to keep down the weeds and still be close enough to the house for the dog to scare away the deer who always eat it in the fields, but enough out of her range so she doesn't trample them.

This is how much rain fell while we were putting in the dock ... But that is just what fell into the gauge ... Winds were supposed to be around 15MPH during the storm with gusts over 25MPH
From Ginger's Farm Photos

Did I mention that for May Day we had Rain mixed with SNOW? We even had some snow this morning too ... I hope we don't get any for Mothers Day!

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