Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Avian flu is going wild right now

They don't understand how its being stead .... They thought it was from migratory birds such as ducks & geese but the outbreaks seemed to go. Backwards to the routes flown at this time of year ...

Now there are even more cases reported.

According to this mornings AGDay report, Canada has seen a case in Woodstock, Ontario .... This is the first known & confirmed case in Ontario ... Woodstock is located on the southern tip of the Provence.

They know it is H5, but not which strain or N factor it is yet.

The farmer called in officials when he had several birds die suddenly and for no known reason over several days 

ALL birds in an effected flock must be euthanized - killed - and extensive cleaning put into effect.

I have not heard if its like Parvo which sticks around for some 5 years in the soil/living area such that farmers will have to raise some other livestock or if it's like people flu which only lives for so long then dies off, usually less than a onto ... I will have to do some research on my own I guess.

Minnesota - the top turkey state - has been hit hard!

H5N2 has been found in:
Pope county
Sterns county
Nobles county
Kandiyohi county
Le Qui Parle county

The latest cases - 2 - were in Kandiyohi ... Pronounced Candy-Yo-Hi not candy-yo-he ... I think they need to listen to some local broadcasts before they do reports so they know how to pronounce cities & county names ...

In ALL the Minnesota cases, the turkeys had been housed INDOORS - which, I would assume, would increase the likelihood of spread.  If the coop isn't properly or adequately ventilated then the air can't circulate. And we had a pretty chilly winter this year too.