Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summertime Blues

The rain has been horrid ... For all of June we had nothing but rain on the weekends ... Not those cute little showers where you can dodge the drops - I'm talking rain that falls 2 or 3 inches at a time ... This weekend was the first car ride anywhere where we weren't blinded by rain on the freeway!

The last time was horrible.- we had rain curtains, lightening in front of us, near zero visibility, and then HAIL!!

No farmer wants hail ... not by any measure during growing season!

Now we have a massive heat bubble that will be taking its time to clear out ... I mean 85F in the morning and +95F during the day (heat index in the 100F)

So we have a lovely patch of WEEDS growing in the fields ... While corn loves water weeds love it more ... The ground is too soft to walk on - we had standing water when I was down there Sunday ... It's been too hot to go out except to let the chickens out or take them some ice cubes & fresh, cold fruit bits

The birds have been spending most of their time in the coop this week though because it only gets up to 80F at the most, although I did see the thermometer raise nearly to 90 today for a little bit just before the sun went behind the house ... 

They are only using the south side of the kennel these days - I don't know why.

We let one lady out on Sunday to see what she'd do and if we could get her to go back in by herself ... 

We had to wrangle her but I'm guessing that that has a bit to do with it because when you stand by one of the kennel gates they all rush to get there ... LOL ... Or it's the fruit they want

I've got some photos ... (ignore the  tmes & dates - I have to get hubby to reset them again)
Hubby put lines on the doors and had to move the roost - I'm worried about where he has it, but he says it's only temporary ... Yes - that is a bird sitting on the rope, how she is hanging on is beyond me - my son tried to reason with her
He won the discussion ... Yup that's my 17 year old ... And the pulley system hubby is working out for the chickens above his head (it's suppose to run via Internet connection so we can let them out while we are gone)

Oh and that bird?

She learned her lesson!

She did it AGAIN tonight before my son went out to close the doors ...

this time she flapped him with her wings win protest but she gave up the rope ... Until the lights went out and my son left

Silly chicken!