Saturday, August 17, 2013

Farm Update August

Well the crop is pretty much dead ... Again.

We couldn't get in until late (June 16th or so, check my earlier posts) and the crows were hungry as heck, at about 1/2 the seed we planted ... It was sad and too late for a second planting.

We did get in the stuff from the green house (squash/Pumpkin, cabbages, and tomatoes ... I kept it small because of the late winter) and they were doing fine - we even got in peas and beans this year!

Of course June and July were incredibly rainy, with over 8inches of rain in July alone, so weeding just did not get done ... But that should have hidden the veggies from the deer right??

WRONG - those giant rodents got out their radar noses and made tracks into the beans & cabbages. Darn them - they walk right down the row like it's a smorgasbord and help themselves to their liking ...

We went on vacation for two weeks this year so I have no idea what's down there now ... I don't know if I will have veggies or just a giant weed patch, or combination thereof ... I'm thinking the last.

The chickens have been putting out about 9 eggs a day our daughter says - she has been checking on the chickens for us at least once a day while we've been gone - she gets to keep the eggs as payment for checking on them and their food/wate ... But now they have decided NOT to lay ...

She told us last night that for the second day she had no eggs - I don't think they are molting yet so they shouldn't be going dormant and there's still plenty of lit hours so they shouldn't be going into winter laying ... I'm thinking they are just starting to miss getting into the grassy area and/or getting food scraps.

I have several ziplock bags worth from our trip for them, so that shouldn't be an issue at all when we get back ...

Bt I am worried that they aren't laying ... I'm hoping I don't have plugged vents - that could kill the whole lot of them in no time at all!

No way to know for sure until we get back - so no reason to worry over it until then.

Oh well that's it for updates - photos from vacation coming up