Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Well it's been a crappy year ...

We've had chickens get attacked & killed, but not by the dog -- were thinking either coon or feral cat.

Crops never got put in or even started because it was too cold in April, although it was too warm in March (how crazy is that) and then n may it was too wet to get the corn in -- tractor kept getting stuck in the mud. By the time it dried out in mid-June hubby didn't think we'd have enough time before it got too hot and the corn would tassel ... So sad when it does that at ankle high.

So no crops at all ...

Chickens have stopped laying again.  We had a good month of laying in July but then they just stopped!

BUT ... But ... We are doing okay ... For now ...

Decided to do the yearly Halloween bonfire ... Hubby & son fixed the fire pit and started it.

The weather man said it was going to be nice ... 62*F and no rain

He lied

We had a misty rain going on and that made it seem really cold!  

The wind didn't help much either, didn't seem like we could find a spot where the smoke wasn't blowing

Then we decided to cook the hot dogs on the grill again - hubby hadn't used his grill all year so he was itching to get it out ... Too bad it wouldn't work properly, not sure what was going on ... The gas get through but it didn't seem to be enough to keep the flames lit.

So - Mummy dogs it was!

It's okay - we like mummy dogs ... With chips & soda


So not too bad, but we stayed in and didn't get to enjoy that fire