Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Worm Wrangler

So what do you call a person who rounds-up worms?

An Invertebrate-Vaquero? Clitellum-Caballero?

I don't know ...

whatever it is ... my son is becoming one.

preparing to gather worms
its an over-night process
 He has done some research (with some help) and learned the kindest way to harvest wild worms without stressing them or harming them.

He is talking about starting his own blog on his worm farm ... but will have to see what happens ...

the original plan was to raise a small set for himself for fishing this summer, but from what he has been learning he may end up with way more worms than he expected ... he may end up going into the fish bait business!

then there is the side lines ... worm juice makes great liquid fertilizer they say ... and the 'castings' (worm scat) is supposed to be really good compost matter.  

but if he is going to do that then he needs to do a bit of research as to the legalities and what sorts of things he would have to do to package and distribute.

after just a couple of days in the new bin - a converted chicken carrier (the kind they use to put those store-bought rotisseri chickens in) because they have airvents built in to allow the steam to escape to the chicken doesn't get soggy - and he got almost a whole pie pan of "drippings" from them.

to me it was YUK, but to him it was totally cool and he wanted to add it to my salad table ... I said no, but allowed him to add it to the garden area ... where I will also be encouraging him to put his extra worms when they start to breed.

I did not know this - I thought that when worms got too big they simply split like blood cells - but they don't, they actually mate!

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