Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the Light of Dawn

From Ginger's Farm Photos
After getting the kids off to school this morning I decided to go for a little walk in the morning dew and ran a crossed a FLOCK of robins along the hill above the first corn field.

I've never seen a robin in any sort of social situation before Nd always assumed that they were solitary creatures ... Okay maybe with their mate & babes ... But not in a flock like starlings & crows.

It totally blew my mind ... So I had to take a photo of one of them who would go near the field and then back up so it's feet wouldn't get wet ... Like child at the beach ...

Of course wouldn't you know it, it doesn't show up in this photo ... They were there, honest.

It was such a beautiful day that the green house got up to nearly 100•F

But the warm weather allowed my peppers & tomato tray to pop out!
From Ginger's Farm Photos
But apparently birds aren't the only thong alluding my camera today ...honest - there are plants growing in these pots

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