Thursday, November 6, 2014

Trivia Time


a) 23 cups broccoli
B) single sweet potato

What do you think?

Nope, can't make the photo smaller ... Sorry

Sweet potatoes are probably my favorite veggie .... Well, no that's not wholely true either - my absolute favorite is COOKED SPINACH - yes I'm a strange one.

But I don't like canned spinach ... Hubby hates it with a passion so I have to work it in.

He dislikes sweet potatoes too.

I've found people who hate sweet potatoes/yams -- they are two DIFFERENT vegetables, by the way -- either think of them covered in maple syrup or marshmallows ... YUK, even I wouldn't eat those!

You want them baked, whole if possible but pierced so they don't burst on a cookie sheet because they will weep, then sliced, buttered and S&P ... THATS IT ... No sugar, no cream, no marshmallows, no maple syrup ...

Canned yams can even be good if you drain them well and pop them into the microwave ... Mash them and add as little butter as possible.  Because they are canned, they've been processed so they are already basically cooked you just need to reheat them ... But they are going to be a tad water-logged - if they picked them too early, just before they ripen, or too late, where they are getting a bit over-ripe - I highly suggest adding a pinch of salt and mashing them up!  It will hide quite a bit of flavor that's missing if they aren't at their peak.

You can can your own as well ... Check out the website or .org - I can't remember off hand - they will have complete instructions

I thought I had a video on canning sweet potatoes up on my YouTube channel but apparently I do not -- must have erased it before it got uploaded .... iPads only have so much room you know :-/ 

Well, that's enough distraction ...


Which has more vitamin A?

--------> ONE sweet Potato of course! 

Even though the average sweet potato contains about 1 cup of flesh, it contains much more vitamin A & Betacarotine 

We learned with our first born  that if you feed your child too many sweet potatoes when they are infants they can begin to look jaundice -- their livers are not developed enough to strain the beta carotene out of their system and it collects just under the skin .... Interesting -- start feeding them other veggies and it will go away in a few days.

Yes it's true --  flamingoes turn pink from eating too much shrimp .... Infants turn ORANGE from eating too much sweet potato!

They both will also pee on themselves as well, but that just during that awkward pre-potty training time.

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