Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chick chick chick

Tuesday, 7 October 2014 on the television show "egg day "I saw a news report about the new law in California.

Basically what this law says is that chickens that are going to sell eggs in the state of California, must have the following measurements in their living space:

§ room to stand up completely erect
§ room to spread their wings completely out
§ room enough to turn around in comfortably without hitting the sides of the confined area

Attorney general's for five states (Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Georgia, Tennessee) brought a lawsuit saying that the law was unconstitutional sense if EFax the agricultural practices in other states.

The federal judge in California said that the lawsuit "lacked legs" in California ... that the attorneys Gen.'s for the five other states failed to show that the law does any harm to the people and not corporations ... 

this law goes into effect 15 January 2015

well it looks like this is going to apply just to eggs – it does make one wonder about other products brought into the state of California.

what about meat products, beef, chicken, pork, wow, etc.
what about milk?
what about milk products: cheese, butter, cream, cottage cheese?
what about products made from things we get from other animals – leather and wool?

California is the most regulated state, when it comes to products sold with in their boundaries, then any other state in the Union!

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