Wednesday, December 28, 2011


(this originally posted on the wrong blog - so lets try this again)

Ok, so our local Rainbow/Roundy's has been having carrots on a "price cap" of 48¢/lb and this is the last week of it ....

So I have been putting up carrots today

Last week before the holiday I bought 6 bags .... One pound each

Of those bags 1 pound total were peelings and ends that I trimmed off - and I trimmed off as little end as possible

I then heated up my 7 pint jars that I had on hand thinking I would probably have too many -- after all everything I saw said that one pound was supposed to fill a pint jar ...

Boy was their math off!!

I cut the carrots into disks and packed them into the jars well leaving as little air space as possible up to the 1" headspace mark .... Filled it with boiling water .... Got the air out and added my 1/2 tsp of canning salt - and refilling if he water level went down ... And pushing the carrots back in place if bubbling them caused them to pop up above that 1" headspace

Anyhow - processed them for 25 minutes at 10# pressure ... And BAM

Canned carrots ...

Only thing is ... Even after doing up these seven jars and peelings - I've still got 2 pounds of carrot slices left ... It will be ginger carrots for supper tonight - but that's still not the correct poundage per jar.

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