Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

What a nice day - except for the sore feet and locking back - we made 3 turkeys

Two in hubby's new smoker and one in my new-ish roaster - I had used it for ham before but this is the first time I've used it for turkey

We named the trio Kookla (koukala), Fran, & Ollie .... From an old tv show - maybe not so old if we can remember it ...

Here's a treat for those who want a walk down memory lane

I also have a photo of the 16 acorn squash I halved, hollowed and then roasted - ok hubby roasted - in the barbecue ...

We wound up about 6 mouths short so we had WAY too many left-overs ... Between the 8 lbs of sweet potatoes and those squash I should be able to make quite a few Sweet Potato pies for Christmas ... And save the rest for over the summer when hubby doesn't want to get yams and before next years crop of squash are in.

Now what to do wig the rest of the acorn squash and the four remaining hubbards and the butternuts ... And me with the "bottomless pit" who refuses to eat squash ... Even though he LOVES pumpkin pie

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