Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Honest threes such a thing!

My youngest daughter had to do a poem for her writing class - creative farm girl that she is, and being harvest season when she wrote it ...

Not only did she write about TOMATOES but she also worked it to form the SHAPE of a tomato and she used an ORANGE pencil to do it in ...

Her teacher did not give her credit for the work ... Why?

Because when my daughter protested that it wasn't counted and the teacher looked for a tomato poem written in color she looked for RED pencil - and not finding it, figured my daughter had not turned one in.

My daughter came home so miffed! She could not believe that her teacher considered not counting the poem because she decided to use an orange tomato instead of a red one ...

She is keeping an eye on the grade now to make sure that she isn't penalized for using a different color than red.

I told her if need be she should direct her teacher to this website ... Where I'm sure her teacher will post the "real story" about the paper - since we all know that when people tell a story, they only tell it from the side they perceive.

I know there are those who think an orange tomato is an unripened red tomato ... And I had forgotten that had even planted them this year and even was expecting them to ripen for a couple of days.

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