Friday, September 13, 2013

Not in MY State!

Okay NatAG report is out ... Boy are their numbers off for my state ....

13.8 Billion Bushels_______ 3.15 Billion Bushels
((UP 1% from Aug))________((DOWN 3% from Aug))
155 Bu/Acre____________ 41.2 Bu/Acre
((Harvested acres for both were unchanged since Aug))

We grow corn here ... Sweet corn ... We had a LATE planting -- didn't go in until June 15th or so ... We got <b>0</b> corn this year!

It tasseled at 2foot and didn't put out a single ear ... The deer and raccoon are not happy with us at all

Only we have is a bumper crop of WEEDS! (Since they are the oh thing that can survive lack of rain and 90F heat waves in Sept ... although I'm hoping I've got some pie pumpkin & squash hiding amongst them that will show in the next couple of weeks ... I hope I hope I hope

And it's not just MN ... The owner of the cabin next to my in-laws in WI is a Professional farmer (its all he does and he grows for Green Giant) ... He's got a LOT of average {of course to me 5 acres is a lot and he must have at least 50 or 10X that } ... he says the crop is just AWFUL this year!  and it's a good thing he has the dairy too [but his son runs that] ... Holy Cow! He says his soybeans have hardly nothin' in the pods

Most of the corn numbers came from:

But not MN/WI/IA ... Expect our production to be lower with all this whacky weather, I'm telling you

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