Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good News, Bad News type of thing ...

I was able to catch AgReport this morning on television I\i hame kids going back to schoolover te nex\t coupleof dys and i didn't get any sleep last night at all) ... they had  several GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS stories ....

In gALLOP poll ranking 25 business sectors, Farming came n 3rd place behind Computer & restaurants

60% positive
18% negative
(poll is out of a 5 point system)
Federal government & oil/gas industry were at the bottom of the list

The majority of the mid-west & west are in drought conditions right now ... We haven't had any significant rain since the beginning of August in MN ... And are now over 2 inches behind ... Kind of ironic since we had one of the wettest springs on record with nearly a foot of extra rain in April alone ... We were about 6inches above in June - the heat in th middle of August just killed us 

The corn tassled at 2 foot high and we had no ears when hubby looked ... Crap ... So yet another year with no corn income :(

But we are not alone as you read ... And we are not as bad as others ... I feel really bad for the farmers in the deep red areas on the drought map (I will try to find a copy to post here)
This the drought map as of Tuesday, 2013Sep03 broadcast ... I actually will have several photos to co,pare the beginning of the week maps to the end of the week maps, but that's a new post ...

1/2 of corn & cattle production are now in DROUGHT

83% of Missouri is in a Type-3 drought ... The rest is in a normal drought
(I think that means they are a bit behind on their rainfall)

Seattle is having mud slides from all the rain they've gotten ... And the rest of us will have little to no significant rain over the next week they say ... I'm betting it will come in October when we get ready to collect the winter squash from the fields ... Wait and see ... 


I'm feeling very Eastern European right now ... When things go well - wait a moment, they will go bad again ... LOL ...

Actually I USED to be an Optimist ... rose cooked glasses ... Glass half full type of person ...

Now all I can think is ...

Rain is a Good Thing!

(I've had no sleep ... I'm taking a bit of a rest now ... Have a nice weekend people's)

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