Saturday, April 28, 2012


yes there is a question mark there ...

while the east coast had snow dumped on it last week, in MN experienced some whacky weather of our own ...

Temps during the day could get up to the 70s during the day and then drop to freexing or slightly below at night ...
i think we have a pretty good idea of what life on mars would be like ..

but today - right now at 11am - when we are usually beginning to build up our temps quickly as the sun starts to reach its apex ... we are sitting at a whole whopping 40 degrees and its dropping (this 40 is the low since midnigjht)

they predict we will be having rain mixed with snow & ice before the day is through and it was supposed to hit during the very early morning hours - but it 40 is the low then I doubt we be getting any of that and even if we do it won't be sticking around

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