Monday, September 19, 2011

Bountiful Harvest

Oh my what a season!

I haven't been posting much as the fields have been keeping me quite busy ... We have had a very bountiful corn crop this year!

What a treat after almost 5yrs of near-nothing production.

I think it was e combination of:
(a)wetter spring/summer
(b)sunny but not too hot midsummer
(c)planting later in the season
(d)NOT using a weed deterrent
(e)using a wonderful variety (Serendipity)
(f)hubby getting pissed off at the crows enough to keep an eye on things ...

But the biggest difference was probably
(g)planting clover
From Gargoyle Gardens
We have never had very good luck on the tip/apex of the triangle field ... So we let that go to clover all year ... Choosing not to turn it under with the rest of the soil in the spring.

I have hopes that next year we will be able to getting a good stand within that tip.

So far we have gotten over 200 dozen out of just that partial triangle field, but I'm afraid that the season has come to a close and the children's roadside stand must close for the season. (we don't go by bushel here, that can vary based on what is in it ... A bushel of apples is not the same as a bushel of corn - nor are two bushels of corn going to have the same amount since it will vary by the size of the cob)

I haven't much room left in my freezers and I have squash that needs to go in ...

Time to get a hold of and learn to use a pressure canner I think - and fast!

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