Monday, December 9, 2013

Interesting ....

I just heard on the weather that 67% of the continental US is covered with snow

Included are states like:
TX (stovepipe and to Dallas-Fortworth)
NV (not Vegas, I guess, too warm there)
NM (top half)
AZ (top half)
LA bit of the upper corner)
MS (smidge of the upper corner)
AR (all of it)
TN (most of it)
NC (back edge of it)
CA (top 2/3 of state by the looks of it)
All the way up both coasts 

WOW - that's quite a bit of snow!

Arkansas has MORE snow than we do in MN right now ... At least south of The Lake Superior coastline .... They had like 22 inches in Duluth and nearly 3 foot farther north

It has been below zero ALL DAY where we are and wind chills were in the double digits below zero!

I was lucky to get eggs before they froze ... 8 and only lost one when it cracked as it warmed up to house-temp ... I let them acclaim ate before putting them in cold water to warm up hoping they won't split

Average temp this time of year? 26°F in my area

It's supposed to he 0°F right now and getting warmer, high tomorrow is supposed to be 12F .... We will see.  We are expecting snow as well.

Oh the chicken coop temp?

About 20F where the thermometer is (above 6ft)

My poor birds

We are expected to get back into the teens above on Thursday so maybe I'll let the birds out then to play in the snow ... The poor things

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