Friday, June 14, 2013

Greenhouse update

'Here is a photo of the green house plants Monday 10 June ... 
Top is cabbage, green
Then cabbage, red
 Then pumpkin, sweet pie
Bottom, tomato, cherry red

We got the green cabbage in the ground today ... Boy were they root bound and tangled but we got four good crooked rows out of them.

I put DS#2 in charge of digging the holes with a porthole digger and he got a bit windy ... He says it comes from only having one eye (which he does) we decided to stop after the greens were in because it was getting too hot in the sun fir old-lady me and the kids needed to get going on raking the grass clippings to put around the Greens to keep the weeds From growing.

Of course my daughters favorite part was walking barefoot in the mud that still sits along the south edge of the field.

Oh the photo:

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