Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Season Starting

Hopefully the app will work correctly ...

It is cutting out our major seed provider which is not pleasing me one bit!

Okay - Friday hubby took off work a little early so we could go get the major crop seed (sweet corn) and some of the other stuff that we should be able to sell at the roadside stand ... We visited Jordan Seeds for our major stuff - check them out, their prices are really good and they WILL ship (but I don't know how far since they are only minutes from us)


I have gotten the first of the seed orders in the mail already ... From Territorial Seed Company ... I have a wonderful rate of germination with their seeds and haven't been too dissatisfied , they've got good customer service though ... My order arrived very quickly considering that I just ordered it last week and most of it was plants that won't be here until the last week in April ...

I ordered them for delivery a couple weeks earlier than usual - not because of the warm weather, but because I wanted to make sure I was home when they were delivered and not out of town ...

The last few years they have been getting delivered on Fridays after we leave town so that when I get back on Sunday night they are looking mighty stressed ...

This year I plan to transplant them and include some of the water storage gel so that they will not dry out for the few days we are gone (although it has happened where we were only gone for the day because of other things going on)

I'm not sure when Gurneys will be sending me my free potatoes - I am hoping that they don't "run out" before they get to my order ... I have not had very good luck with Gurneys before - neither seed nor plants - so the fact that didn't have to pay anything (not even shipping) for these spuds is the only reason I decided to give them another try ...

anyhow ...

I will be putting up a video on my YouTube channel about our greenhouse - the first one will be about how messy it tends to get in the winter time, but then I will be doing some on
• how to make paper pots without having to purchase those wooden makers that cost an arm & leg,
• planting carrots and other small seed,
• working your salad table,
• transplanting,
• discouraging deer& crows,
• Working your fields
• greenhouse temp control

plus hopefully many more

We are going to do some experimenting with low cost methods around the farm so I hope to document those as well

Hopefully I can talk hubby into letting me record some stuff with him as well so we can get some maintenance items up too ... Hard part is, he is shy but he is a great source of info since he grew up on the very farm we are working now

Well it's very late - and I still have to edit my first "seed video" of the season - its a rant about misinformation being out out about modern seeds & farming on YouTube which people are taking for gossip ...

I will imbed it into a post here in a separate entry ... As you saw from last season - I was having a tough time keeping up with the photo page, that will likely go by the way side

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